Monday, September 27, 2010

Honeymoon Part I

I know it's been far longer than the two weeks that I said it would be - but it has been A LOT harder to get back to life since returning home. Here's what I've been up to:

I got married. And it was probably the most fun night of our lives. Everything went perfectly. And even the parts that didn't, (our cake apparently had a little bit of an accident in transit and had a crack in it - I looked at it, as a cutting guideline) didn't matter.

David and I had to decide between having a videographer and having a photobooth for budget reasons. We went with the photobooth and we're so glad we did. We had to drag people out at the end of the night. We made the background (shown below) from an old pile of fencing that we found in my parent's backyard. My mom made those bunting flags. They ran along the whole perimeter of the garden. These are the only pictures we have right now but I thought they'd be fun to share!

{Groom & Bride}

For those of you wondering how the pick-your-own yellow bridesmaid dresses turn out - here they are. My sister unfortunately could not be found for this particular picture, so we have one missing bridesmaid. (PS I'm the one in white!) : )

After getting married, it was off to Italy! We landed in Rome and headed straight to the Amalfi Coast. Hmmmm who thought we'd end up somewhere near the water?? It was absolutely stunning.

{Amalfi Town}

We stayed in Positano, which is just south of Amalfi Town, but still part of the Amalfi Coast - confused?

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel Royal Prisco. It was run by the most kind couple. They run the desk, handle the luggage, concierge suggestions, and even make the most delicious breakfast in the mornings (on your porch if you'd like!) It honestly felt like we were a guest in their home. We had the most incredible view from our balcony!

{Positano at Dusk}

Here's another view of the town at sunset.

I don't think we had one bad meal in Italy. We ate pasta twice a day most days and washed it down with gelato. No wedding dress to worry about fitting into anymore! : ) Because the whole town is built into the cliffs, all of the restaurants have amazing views!

{Dinner in Positano}

Before heading back to Rome, we spent one night in Capri (the small island right off the Amalfi Coast) The big attraction on Capri is the Grotto Azurra - or Blue Grotto. It's a HUGE cave filled with water with a tiny opening. The opening is only wide enough for one small rowboat, and those sitting in the rowboat have to lie down to get in. Inside, the bottom of the ocean is bright white sand. The light through the small opening hits the water just perfectly and creates this unreal glow of bright blue. David and I had heard that the Grotto gets absolutely packed. There's a huge line to get down the cliff just to get on a boat. Inside the grotto there are typically about 12 to 15 other boats, and you're usually in a boat with about 10 other people (and yes, you all lie down together to get in.) We decided to go a half hour before the grotto opens, thinking there would be others waiting. We were the only ones. The first boat showed up to set up and asked if we wanted to just hop in and take an early peek. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. So with not another soul around (besides our boat guide) we got a completely private tour of the Grotto Azurra. Our boat guide even sang us Italian love songs. Besides our wedding itself, this could quite possibly be the most romantic thing I've ever experienced!

{Inside the Grotto Azurra}

We had so much fun on this leg of our trip - the food, the architecture, the view, and the people were incredible.

After was off to Greece!

To be continued....