Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some Much Needed Time...

I'm sorry to have taken some time off, and without warning. I was feeling a HUGE need to step back, take a breath - and a break. This has been a crazy, whirlwind of a year and I still feel like I'm trying to fall into some kind of a routine. I realized that I haven't officially shared the launch of the Bixby & Ball blog. This has been another struggle and challenge. Some of you know that my blog hasn't always been the most (ah hem) consistent. : ) And now to think of keeping up with two feels just a bit daunting. At first I was thinking my posts on Bixby & Ball would be more "business-y" and less personal but let's be honest - first of all, who wants to read an all business blog (NOT ME!) and second, Bixby & Ball IS personal to us. Afterall, it holds a lot of our blood, sweat, and a lot of tears! We're sensitive girls! : ) I'm trying to focus on my reasoning for starting this blog in the first place, and that was a place to catalog inspiration and document the projects we work on at our home. Which is actually a fitting time to kick-start this blog again because we have a lot of changes about to happen around here. Tomorrow we're repainting the downstairs to kick-off the changes! I received quite a few emails asking about our current downstairs color. Right now it looks like this:

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and this...
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I love this color, and am actually considering leaving it in the office area of the downstairs but the soft green clashes terribly with this:

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When we first re-did the house, we had not a thing in it. I generally knew the color scheme I wanted to go with and chose colors that I liked. Then my grandparents started cleaning out and giving us things they no longer had room for. This painting (of the Cyclone Roller coaster in Long Beach) has been in this house (pre everything being re-done) for as long as I can remember. The rich, bold colors just don't go with the soft, pale green.

Below is the original color palette I was planning on going with. These are the colors I always gravitate to for myself. But, as you can see, they just don't go with our painting - and the painting stays. Luckily, I'm flexible and love many different colors.

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{Waterleaf Interiors}

Sadly, I absolutely love our current color and somehow misplaced the name. We have an organized binder full of all of the different things in our house (finishes, plumbing fixture brands and models, maintenance manuals, warranties, etc.) and somehow with all of that organization the color for our downstairs never made it in.

I will most likely have to wait to take photos this weekend and will post the after photos then! It won't be a super dramatic change but it definitely will no longer be green.