Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big Day

Thank you to everyone for hanging in here with me while my life gets crazier and crazier! There is a possibility that this will be my last post before gettin' hitched and riding off into the sunset (to Greece!!) for two weeks!!! : ) Not that going two weeks without a post would be all that abnormal for me these days. I promise that will get better when I get back.

I say "possibility" because I have a few fun details of our wedding that I wanted to share before I sign off for two weeks. For now - thank you for all of your cheering while I've been going through this crazy whirlwind of a year!

(Fonts via: Jessica Hische}

Speaking of graphic design - I need to make a huge shout-out to my dear, dear friend Caleb who is an amazing graphic and interior designer, who just moved to So. Cal from Oregon, who has been a HUGE help with wedding projects (he stayed up all night the other night), and who happens to be a new blogger! Check him out here!

**Regular blogging and BIG announcement coming after the honeymoon!**

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back on the Face of the Earth

I've fallen off - but I'm back! I don't know how many readers (if any) I have left! We're at 3+ weeks and counting until our wedding and have been in FULL swing with tying up odds and ends. I have a MAJOR project and announcement (coming very very soon!) that has been taking up most of my time (and NO I'm not pregnant!) : ) Here are a few other things I've been up to:

Last weekend I slipped out of the house for a few minutes to go through an open house, of a house I have been eyeing since as long as I can remember. It's on our same street, and I remember as a little girl drooling over this house. (The design bug bit me at a very young age!) When I heard that they were having an open house, I jumped on my bike and headed out!

{Front door}

I unfortunately could not take many pictures of the rooms - I had to sneak the few pictures I did get. This is the best overall picture I could get, but check out that light!

The floors were an amazing, worn, reclaimed wood with the most perfect faded color for a beach house.

Aside from the house itself, the owners have AMAZING taste in furniture. Again, I could only sneak a few pictures. These were just the tip of the iceberg of their collection. Unfortunately, the furniture does NOT come with the house.

I was plotting a way to take this gorgeous, old pine table out the door, into my bike and home with me!

On my way home I stopped by another open house, that is being represented by a dear friend of mine. This is another amazing home - but it deserves a blog post all its' own. I do have to share the killer oven in the kitchen!

In other random updates: I have been working on a pair of bookcases that I got an unbeatable deal on - FREE!! I was driving home the other day, and saw these sitting on the side of the road with the best sign on them....FREE! I screeched my tires, pulled over, and called David with his truck. Ok, so by "the other day" I actually mean 3 months ago and have been meaning to work on them, but they keep getting pushed t the bottom of my to-do list. I finally have a place to put them so they have jumped to the top. They're not quite finished but I will post "afters" as soon as they are.

Last update for the date: Here is a sneak peak at a project I have been working on. I'm very excited about this one! Keep in mind this is just a very small snippet of a look!

Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I post again!