Monday, March 29, 2010

Barstool Reveal

This is going to be a quick post - David and I just got back from Mammoth last night and I have a mammoth sized mountain of laundry to do! (HA! pun intended!)

I'm finally starting to get the hang of this painting thing. : ) Granted this was a much smaller project than the last one, but actually finished relatively quickly! I'm thrilled with how the paint turned out, and it added some much needed color to our very white kitchen. (Which I will be posting pictures of soon!

{New blue stools!}


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mellow Yellow

OK - Right as I'm shooting my mouth off that I'm a "Sunday Blogger," I go and post mid-week (I realize the date says Monday but I'm really posting on Wednesday)! However, I was feeling particularly inspired today and want to post! And since I'm the boss of this establishment - I can do that!! : )

I also realize that the first official day of Spring was a few days ago, and that this post was probably really more appropriate for that. We have been having the most beautiful weather here lately and it's really beginning to feel like Spring! I'm sitting here watching the sunset and it's almost 7:30!!! This is when I LOVE the time change (try and get me to say that in the morning!)

One of my absolute FAV colors is yellow! It's especially near and dear to my heart this year since it is one the main colors in our wedding. (Our bridesmaids will be wearing a yellow dress of their choice.) We'll look similar to this pic.

On to yellow decor

{I would put yellow Imperial Trellis curtains in my house in ONE second flat!}

{Unexpected color combo - but I like it!}

Hope everyone's having a good week!

New Finds

I'm realizing that I'm really becoming a Sunday blogger. I used to try and scramble and rack my brain for mid-week posts, which stressed me out, which caused this "fun" hobby to become so incredible not fun anymore. But, Sunday posting gives me the whole week to think about my post, take pictures, and relax!

Anyways! ONE more post on the Rose Bowl and I PROMISE - I'm done! I just had to post on all my finds! The last time I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market it was raining and there really weren't a whole lot of vendors. This time however - the weather was perfect, and I actually found some good stuff!

{Lattice Pillow $12!!}

I already had the solid green pillow behind it and the greens happened to match perfectly!

I have a new collection I'm beginning to form (by the way - I have exactly one item is this "collection" so far) But hey, you gotta start somewhere! I inherited a beautiful gentleman's chest from my grandparents when we moved in. It has the most gorgeous mother-of-pearl in-lay in all of the handles. It's huge and it needs something pretty significant on the top. I have always loved old demijohn bottles and I want a collection for the top of this piece. So here is bottle number one of my collection.

{vintage demijohn - $20}

**I'll post a picture of the chest later - we have guests right now and the room is a little crazy!

{I would love to find some in this shape - image via Apartment Therapy}

The bottle I found came in its' original crate and I can't decide if I should leave it in the crate or find something else to do with it. Any thoughts/suggestions??


{Inside Label}

{Small blue & white - $4}

{New Lamp for the new vanity}

Speaking of new vanity - I thought I'd take the chance to show you the final result! **Sorry for the long post...

{Please excuse the missing knobs :/}

{Close-Up of the new cup pulls}

{The mirror is another hand-me-down, I love the old bubbling mercury in the back}

That's everything! I'm headed out to finish painting the kitchen stools!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taking A Seat

This has been one crazy week! It started off with Grace (Grace Happens) inviting Alex and I to join her for dinner with .....drum roll......EDDIE ROSS and JAITHAN!!!! It was such a crazy night that I will promise to share pictures as soon as I get them!

On to design projects.... Spring is almost here, and I'm finding myself craving more color! (By the way - the Master Bed projects are still in the works. I'm waiting to get my next big project back from my "work room" aka Mama Seagrass's house.) Anyways, when our house was under construction we needed a quick-fix to our bar stools in the kitchen. We found an absolute steal at Bed, Bath, and Beyond - we found these for $3.99!!!!!

They are WAY too tall and need to be cut down, and painting them has been on my to-do list for a long time. Reading House Beautiful's issue on all things blue gave me a push to get painting.

{House Beautiful}

{House Beautiful}
I loved these two color swatches from them.

This picture seems to be popping up all over the blog-world and I love the pop of soft blue with the wicker chair in the all white kitchen.

Plus I feel like it would really pick up the blue in our light.

{School House Electric}

I'm off to go talk David into cutting our stools down, and possibly squeeze a trip to Home Depot in.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're Going Bowling!!

It's true - we're going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market!!

Last week I posted on my recent trip to Pasadena. Sweet, and very talented Grace from Grace Happens blog, mentioned a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market hosted by another amazing designer - Eddie Ross! Last week Grace made a trip into the store and by the time she had left, Alex, Grace and I had official plans to go!

{Alex - Rustic Rooster Interiors}

{Grace (on the left) - Grace Happens}
(Grace - I hope you're not upset for posting this pic from your blog!)

**On a side note - if you haven't checked out Grace's blog yet, you must! She has AMAZING style! Check out her beautiful kitchen!

.....and here is her breath-taking master bathroom

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it - I'm going with 2 incredibly talented women - to meet up with one very talented man! I also can't wait to finally meet some fellow Southern California bloggers! (shout out to Shelly! : )

I have a feeling there will be quite a few photo-ops so I promise I'll to post them!

Monday, March 1, 2010


*Vanity is complete! Reveal coming soon!*

BUT FIRST!......
I no longer work Mondays, and with David gone at work, I tend to get in trouble! : )

Let me explain - my Mom and I have been talking about, for a while now, how we've been wanting to take a whole day and explore Old Pasadena. My mom grew up in the hills above Pasadena in a little town called La Canada. When we would go visit my grandparents we would always head down to Pasadena. I absolutely LOVE Pasadena! They have the most incredible architecture (everything from white clapboard with black shutters, to authentic craftsman houses.) We decided to finally set a day, wake up early, and drive up to Pasadena. Our plan was to poke around the shops and then drive through the streets to check out (ok and let's be honest, take pictures of) all the cute houses in the neighborhoods.

{We started off poking around the stores - which are a close second on the charming scale to the houses}

We ended up just driving through the streets, not really knowing where we were going. Right at the end of our "touring," we decided to turn down this street.

{Look familiar?}

We were driving by this house, where the sun was JUST going down behind the roof.....but I was pretty sure...........


I couldn't believe it!! The movie supposedly takes place in San Morino, but I can definitely confirm the house is in Pasadena! Here is a shot of the house in all her glory on the set of the movie

{View of the living room}

{Just had to include this - it's my favorite scene from the movie!}

The FOB house wasn't the only amazing house - I also shamelessly shot some pictures of these fabulous houses!

Hope your week is off to a great start!