Friday, December 24, 2010

DIY: Last Minute Christmas Table Sprucing

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas! I squeezed in a last minute DIY project this afternoon. We're hosting Christmas dinner tomorrow night for 17! YIKES! I needed a little something festive to add to the table.

I decided to give a quick and easy sprucing to my favorite, go-to water jugs. They're only $2.99 at Ikea and fit with any decor.

I had some extra plaid flannel fabric laying around so I cut a strip about 5" wide.

I then took bottle #1 and started rolling it over the fabric to cover the circumference of the bottle.

Next, take twine, ribbon, twill tape or anything else you have lying around. I used baker's twine for mine and wrapped it a few times to hold the fabric in place.

To make them a little more festive, I added some greenery (I stole it from my wreath!) You could also add some holly berries or anything else festive! (**OK, truth be told..I just wrote twigs and berries....I don't think that would have gone over very well! : )

And the final product....

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas Eve!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Storefront Windows

I have to say, this Christmas is going to be a little bitter-sweet for me. Sweet, in that it will be my very first Christmas with my husband! I'm so excited for us to create traditions and memories of our own. But, it will be a little bitter in that my sister will be missing Christmas at home for the first time - ever! We hold strong to our traditions each year and it would be an understatement to say it will be weird to not have her here. Instead of being in sunny CA, Heather will be in (hopefully) snowy New York City!! She has promised to take LOADS of pictures of all of the storefront windows decked out for Christmas. I'm beyond jealous as this is on the top of my bucket list to experience. Here's what's waiting for Heather in NYC!

This was hands down my favorite. Barney's New York teamed up with The Food Network and created a jaw-dropping window display made of "Illy" products. That dress is made completely of foil coffee bags!

Bergdorf's theme this year was travel.

I love Henri Bendel's take on The Nutcracker. Never has the Mouse King looked so elegant!

No offense to Lord & Taylor, but the mannequin's in their depictions of favorite Christmas memories just came off a little creepy. Anyone else?

John Derian's fun and funky window - love those lights!

A funky vignette in Gump's (San Fran)

No post on window displays would be complete without the Godfather of all window display-ers. Definitely not the best of the season, but as always, creative. Anthropologie's eco-friendly Christmas window display. **Fun fact - I applied to be a window designer for Anthropologie. I soon realized that my creativity isn't "out there" enough. The interview process was VERY interesting!

Heather - I so wish I was touring all these window displays with you! Maybe next year! xoxo

To check out more of the Bergdorf window display process, check out this video.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis' The Season

Once again I've been MIA. I was completely taken out by bronchitis last week and am just now catching up. I haven't completely finished our Christmas decorating, but have managed to get a little bit up.

I came home with two Euro Trees after a trip to Roger's Gardens on Monday. If you're ever in the Corona Del Mar area (especially during the Christmas season) you must stop by. It's an incredible nursery that turns into a Christmas spectacular every year around this time.

Cozy (faux I promise!) furry blanket. You can see a little snippet of our new console table. I've been meaning to post - I promise I'll do it soon!

The Christmas tree is up and decorated!

Mama Seagrass made our stockings a few years ago out of scraps of plaid flannel fabric.