Thursday, July 8, 2010

Under My Umbrella

I'm a little hesitant to post this post - especially with what the East Coast is going through. My sister lives in Boston and just moved her entire bedroom to the front of her condo where her air conditioner is because it has been so unbearably hot! But here - it's been COLD!! Yes, it is July 8, and it's cold. While the East coast has been experiencing some record highs, we've been experiencing record lows (for the month of July.)
This weather has me longing for the bright and sunny days that we are supposed to be having!

{Santa Barbara Umbrella Company}


{Z-Gallery - Love the classic stripes!}

{via CocoCozy}

My wedding shower is this Saturday and hoping hoping hoping for some sunshine!! Hello? Summer? Where are you??


  1. i still dream about the yellow umbrella we saw at the rose bowl! and yes, summer needs to get here asap. i will do a sunshine dance for you this weekend:) xo

  2. hi melissa,

    i hate to tell you this but summer is here, inland. i know the dreaded inland empire! but it has been fantastic. i went for a walk at noon yesterday and the temp was 75 degrees! beautiful sunshine and a cool breeze. unheard of for us. sorry.

    have a great time at your wedding shower, rain OR shine.


    love the ruffled pink umbrella!

  3. How fun! Have a fabulous time at your shower no matter what the weather brings!

  4. The sun will shine again someday.....please just hurry up! Love the frilly umbrellas - would be nice to have some sun to actually need them. Hope you have a MOST fun shower!

  5. Yes, the frilly umbrellas are fabulous. I wish that I had a patio to use them. I am in Boston and am so thankful to have air conditioning.

  6. I love the frilly umbrellas!! So cute:)
    It's been super hot here and i'm lovin' it!!!!
    We are usually the ones that freeze:)

  7. I'll trade ya!!!
    Have a wonderful time at your shower! How fun!