Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skirted Bed

It may not seem like it - but I'm still chugging along on my Master Bedroom Re-Do. I've been going back and forth between, "do I post about all of the little projects?" OR "do one big reveal on everything??" Well, when it comes down to it, I have ZERO patience! And I'm getting too excited so I'm going to post about a project I finished this weekend.

We bought our bed a couple of years ago. I was feeling guilty that I was always making the decisions on "house things," so David picked out our bed. I don't have a picture of our headboard right now (that's another pending project) but I do have a picture of the bed frame.

I love the espresso wood - but I don't love all of the chords that are such an eyesore under our bed (phone chords, lamp chords, cell phone chords.) As you can see, it wouldn't be easy to use a traditional bedskirt to hide all of this - and it wouldn't be me, if I didn't make something myself! : )

I was racking my brain for a solution to mounting a bedskirt underneath the frame. So, I decided to use a tension rod.

These are SO inexpensive! I got mine for $4.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond - and of course used a %20 coupon!

I found some gorgeous white linen (my favorite!) in the remnant section at our local fabric store for $5 per yard. Since I didn't need a very wide piece of fabric, it was the perfect way to go!

{New Bedskirt}

I went with a simple pleat in the middle to help with puckering, and to break up the long run. My original plan was to add a simple border with a soft, gray, grosgrain ribbon - but I'm actually kind of liking it on its' own.

The best part - no more chords!!!


  1. What a great solution! I love that it's simple and clean lined and it's just so darn pretty! I might have to try this--we have similar legs on our bed but I HATE traditional bed skirts because they're so hard to put on. This is perfect!

  2. That is a great idea. I like the simple clean look and so much easier to remove for laundering.

  3. LOVE it Melissa. Did you sew this yourself? Because if you did I'm seriously jealous. Now let us see the whole room, please?!


  4. way to think outside the box! great idea and it looks fab! i may come by the rooster tomorrow so i hope i get to see you! xo

  5. I usually think bed skirts look fussy, but this one looks so crisp and streamlined! I love it. I may steal this idea;)

    So nice meeting you! Wish I could have talked to you and Grace more! We'll have to go get drinks some time:)


  6. Great idea Melis - it looks great! Just think of all the things you can hide under the bed now. That's where I keep the leaves to my dining room table.

    You are so clever and talented. My son is a lucky guy!

  7. Melissa
    I didn't know you had a blog!! Awesome can't wait to follow you!

  8. great idea melissa! clever girl.

  9. You are so smart! What a great solution and looks easy to get on and off to wash. We had the same issue so I cut a bed skirt and used velcro, not as easy to put back on.
    The bed your husband picked out is beautiful.

  10. Hi Melissa,

    I have just found you through Kelley from the Polished Pebble. Love the solution for your bedskirt. Love it well done. It looks classy and the box pleat in the middle, I agree does break it up. Will call in again soon and when I have a bit more time will go back and read previous posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care

    Tasmania, Australia

  11. This is such an amazing idea! I've been trying to figure out how to skirt our bed (to hide rubbermaid storage bins) but the legs on our antique bed are so pretty! This is a perfect solution! Did you simply make a pocket like one would for curtains and then sew the appropriate length to touch the floor? Genius!