Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Straws

I'm staying true to my word and comin' at you with a fun wedding project I've been working on! I don't think I've said too much about our wedding on the blog so I'll fill you in. We're going to be having our wedding at The Inn in Rancho Santa Fe. It's a quaint, single story inn, built in 1922 by the young and talented Lillian Rice (you go girl!)

{The Inn circa 1920's-ish}

{The Inn today- We'll be getting married under the big Pepper tree!}

The overall theme of our wedding is going to be Vintage Garden. Our main objective is for it to be fun and a complete reflection of us! Because of this, we're not really following "the rules" on quite a few things!

{Our colors are mainly yellow with touches of green}

{We're thinking of adding little touches of green with succulents}

In true "me" fashion - I'm making a lot of the decor items myself (with lot's of help from mama seagrass!) I found some really cute, yellow, vintage fabric on-line and we're going to be making bunting flags to run along the edge of the building where our reception will be held. (I'll show pictures soon!) I wish I had pictures of the reception area - it's in a little private garden area under a canopy of outdoor, garden, ping-pong lights.

{Example of flag bunting}

Remember my Ball Jars post? We'll be using those scattered along all of the tables for tea-lights!

The part I'm MOST excited about (besides the actual getting married part of course!) I just found out that The Inn will be setting up croquet for our guests during cocktail hour, while we take our pictures! Next to the big tree that we'll be getting married under, on the other side of the pathway is a croquet lawn! Should be fun!

On to the latest wedding project I've been working on. Since we'll be getting married in August - notoriously one of the hottest months in S.D. (I know, I know, I'm not complaining - I know hot here, does not even begin to touch the kind of hot other places experience!) Regardless, we want to be prepared so we're going to be setting up a little refreshments table for guests to enjoy iced tea and lemonade. And what would iced tea and lemonade be without some vintage, barber stripe, paper straws???

{I made little flags that say "drink and be married"}

{I found vintage, paper straws online here}

{I've got quite a ways to go before I'm finished - but I had to share my start!}

**All wedding images found via Green Wedding Shoes Blog**


  1. First, your location looks so wonderful. The little succulents are a nice touch but, it's the croquet that caught my eye. How fun is that?

  2. LOve it all! I love the Inn and think it will be a perfect setting for you. Can't wait to see more

    xo kelley

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I LOVE this. I'm so over the extravaganza weddings! You know I catered a lot of weddings and the simplest ones were by far the best. I love the croquet, how unique and fun. Love the idea of lemonade stands, hope you have kids man those stations. What fun for them and a way to make them feel important. I hope you have cupcakes too. Can't wait for more details.


  4. Great seeing you today at the Rooster! I love your post and your straws are so cute and original, just like you! thanks for the rec's on fabric! See you soon!

  5. My daughter married in Santa Fe last year (we live in NM). The weather there is very mild and the nights are cool. Your setting is beautiful and I send you best wishes for a wonderful wedding.

  6. Melissa your wedding sounds so sweet and romantic! I love the theme you are going with and the venue looks so pretty. I wasn't familiar with it until now. Can't wait to see more!

  7. Love it! I had so much fun making the decorations and little things for my wedding (like your straw flags). If you're having kids attend I highly recommend what we did. I got a big galvanized tub and filled it with toys, coloring books, little animals, hoola hoops etc. A lot of stuff came from the dollar store. It was a big hit, the kids and adults had a great time.


  8. It all sounds so lovely!! Rancho Sante Fe is incredible!! I love your vision and how involved you are with it. I'm sure it's going to be everything you hope it to be :)
    Your straws are the perfect touch.