Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Finds

I'm realizing that I'm really becoming a Sunday blogger. I used to try and scramble and rack my brain for mid-week posts, which stressed me out, which caused this "fun" hobby to become so incredible not fun anymore. But, Sunday posting gives me the whole week to think about my post, take pictures, and relax!

Anyways! ONE more post on the Rose Bowl and I PROMISE - I'm done! I just had to post on all my finds! The last time I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market it was raining and there really weren't a whole lot of vendors. This time however - the weather was perfect, and I actually found some good stuff!

{Lattice Pillow $12!!}

I already had the solid green pillow behind it and the greens happened to match perfectly!

I have a new collection I'm beginning to form (by the way - I have exactly one item is this "collection" so far) But hey, you gotta start somewhere! I inherited a beautiful gentleman's chest from my grandparents when we moved in. It has the most gorgeous mother-of-pearl in-lay in all of the handles. It's huge and it needs something pretty significant on the top. I have always loved old demijohn bottles and I want a collection for the top of this piece. So here is bottle number one of my collection.

{vintage demijohn - $20}

**I'll post a picture of the chest later - we have guests right now and the room is a little crazy!

{I would love to find some in this shape - image via Apartment Therapy}

The bottle I found came in its' original crate and I can't decide if I should leave it in the crate or find something else to do with it. Any thoughts/suggestions??


{Inside Label}

{Small blue & white - $4}

{New Lamp for the new vanity}

Speaking of new vanity - I thought I'd take the chance to show you the final result! **Sorry for the long post...

{Please excuse the missing knobs :/}

{Close-Up of the new cup pulls}

{The mirror is another hand-me-down, I love the old bubbling mercury in the back}

That's everything! I'm headed out to finish painting the kitchen stools!


  1. everything looks even better in your home! we should have a craft day soon. how fun would that be?! xo

  2. Love all your finds!!
    I would keep your bottle in it's crate... it's amazing! I saw Grace's photos of you all partying with E + J. What a fantastic time you all had. I'm so sorry I missed out on meeting you all but it was worth it as we found out that weekend that our son was admitted to UCLA so we did our share of partying at home!!
    Your home is looking great, keep up the good design!!

  3. great finds melissa! now when are you going to post more pics of your place!??? i'm dying to see it!

  4. Loving that pillow, great price too.
    The large bottle is really cool, I would like to see what it looks like in the crate.
    Can't wait to see your stools painted.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    You must go see Kelley at the Polished Pebble and look under her "lampshade" label and check out how she turned those crated bottles into lamps. They are gorgeous and I think right up your alley. I have a link to her blog on my "blog list."

    I love those bottles and I love them even more as lamps.


    p.s. I LOVE the name of your blog btw. Would you please come over and install some in my house!!?

  6. Love the crate - might want to treat the woodworm!

    Is the bottle a carboy? can't tell...

  7. Keep the crate! As you collect more bottles, you might want to put the bottle back in it to break up the look of your collection. In the meantime, if you want to use it, what if you picked up a small open-top stainless steel trash can and put it in the crate? Something rustic but still polished for next to a desk, maybe?