Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm feeling so guilty about abusing my blog! I have officially reached wedding overload! Somewhere along the line I thought it would be a WAY better idea (and that I would have PLENTY of time) to make my own invitations than to have them made. After numerous trips to the printers, about 17 printing attempts, and I don't know how much wasted paper - I'm really starting to re-think just how good of an idea it was. However, they are printed and cut (invitation assembly party is Tuesday) and I do have to say, that I love how they turned out. I'll take pictures Tuesday to share!

In the meantime - I had a blogging BLAST last Thursday!
I know we all know how crazy this blogging world is - but it still amazes me with the people it affords you to meet. Case in point: the incredibly talented, Catherine behind Rikshaw Design. After a long roll of comments from Alexis (Fern & Feather) and Grace (Grace Happens) regarding a photo shoot for Vogue in our hometown involving a certain hot surfer boy - Catherine was on her way to San Diego for a little R&R, and offered to do an impromptu trunk show. No one seemed to be able to host it, so I volunteered.

{Me, Grace, Catherine, & Alexis}

To say that night was "SO fun!" would not do it justice! Catherine is beyond talented (not to mention hilarious and down to earth!). She started her career as one of/the textiles buyers for Pottery Barn - HELLO!!!!! DREAM JOB!!!!!!!! Her job found her traveling to India researching fabrics (insert above statement here) and she fell in love with the country and the art of block printing. Through this love, Rikshaw was born.

Her textiles are beautiful and quirky rolled into one. (She has one design that are little monkeys)

A few other friends/local bloggers came for a whole evening of shopping, chatting, champagne-ing, and snacking. That's just about my perfect evening!

Sweet Grace (Grace Happens) came early and set up a full on spread! We had cheese & crackers, petite cupcakes and fresh strawberries. And of course a stunning bouquet of peonies (my hands down fav flower) in a vintage milk glass vase!

The best part was getting to meet everyone - seriously, blogging makes you (or me at least) feel like you really know the person. So, when you finally do meet them - it's like you've already met!

{me & Bianca of Bink & Boo}

I had so much fun re-meeting Bianca! We have actually met a couple of times prior at various local events, but we finally got to really meet. This. Woman. Is. Hilarious!

Everyone else was equally amazing and talented!

*From the left: Alexis(fern and feather), Alexandra (Rustic Rooster), Haydee (happenstance), Heather (La Feem), Kendall (Kendall K .), Bianca (Bink and Boo), Me!, Catherine (Rikshaw Design), Grace (Grace Happens) + two friends of Grace's that we were enthusiastically encouraging to join the crazy blog world!


  1. Looked like you all had a fabulous time!!!
    Happy weekend

  2. Wow-I am so jealous..I bet it was a blast! The china cabinet looks beautiful!

  3. whoohoo there you are?!? i was wonderin..well your home better get the photo spread it sure does deserve. you are one fun lady...and i will always be up for a full blast break -down about any reality tv show..especially those housewives..bring it!
    post post post..we need to see all about your wedding!

  4. I have to get a new drivers license and I wish I could just take in the photo of you and I...of course they would have to crop you out. Sorry.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun event and opening your BEAUTIFUL home for all of us to drool over. I am with Catherine, post post post I am dying to know all about your wedding.