Saturday, June 5, 2010


Art can be a tough detail to handle. It's hard to have a collection that feels cohesive and makes sense together. Another challenge - art is plain expensive! Luckily for me, in addition to some pieces of my own, I have a few hand-me-down pieces as well.

This first piece is of the "Cyclone Racer" in Long Beach. My family has a lot of history there and my grandparents purchased this at an auction years and years ago. I'm not crazy about the blue frame, but that's an easy change!

My eye tends to go to oil paintings with bright, bold colors - especially against our white walls!
This triptic painting is by an artists out of Laguna Beach named Donita Lloyd. I would go to the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival (a quaint artist's show) every summer with my family and have always loved Donita's work. She's the sweetest woman who has lived in Laguna Beach almost her entire life. My parents surprised me with a giclee when I graduated from college. I'm still working on where to hang it.

This next set of paintings is another hand-me-down, and is a little bit of a while card in my tiny art collection. I haven't decided where these guys will end up either (there's actually 3 all together) but I'm thinking they may end up in our upstairs bathroom.

Another all time favorite artist of mine is Kenton Nelson. He falls in that bright, bold oil painting category that I love. You may already be familiar with his work, since a couple of his pieces were featured in everyone's fav - Something's Gotta Give.

I love their simplicity - and of course the vintage feel!

This collection is probably my favorite of his. The bottom painting is the famous print from the movie.

Love this cover he did for the New Yorker.

Hopefully I didn't lose any readers on my art tour! : ) I'm also hoping to not leave you hanging for yet another week before my next post! I'm in full wedding mode right now - and things are starting to pile up! YIKES!


  1. hi melissa,

    it's funny b/c while reading this i thought to myself, she would probably love the art in the movie somethings gotta give and sure enough there he is! perfect. your collection is so wonderful, especially for being so young.



  2. Love your eclectic style in art. Amazing collection. Take care, Lori

  3. GORGEOUS art! Can't wait to see it all up!

  4. How lucky am I that I got to see the "Cyclone Racer" in person?! I was telling your mom that I grew up in Long Beach (Naples Island), what a small world:) It was so nice to meet you last night and thank you again for being so gracious as to open up your house to us all. Have a great weekend Melissa and good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!:)

  5. melissa!

    so, you're ridiculous and your blog is awesome. also, your house is AMAZING and we have the same taste. i'm way jealous.

    -marlo (of paper source fame)