Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Boots+Stew=I Love Fall

In an effort to keep this blog fresh, I'm bloggin' about two things I've rarely, if ever, blogged about. Fashion (which I am not!) and food (which I consume often!)

I don't know what kind of weather the rest of the world is experiencing - but around here I think we're having our very first Fall with actual season appropriate weather. RAIN! I may be one of the few that feels this way - but I love the rain.

{Target Boots - $34}

Monday was my first day off so I celebrated with an outing to Pasadena (I know - I have some strange thing with that city. But, I just love it and needed to get out of town for a bit.) Anyways, these boots are my new favorite fall item. I found them at Target for $34! And they have officially received the they-really-are-comfortable stamp of approval. I walked all over Pasadena in them, and worked all day today in them.

I came home still in the Fall mood. So, I made the mother of all Fall dinners - Stew! I had the whole fam over, lit a fire, and had a perfect Fall night at home!

My go-to stew recipe is a Mustard-Herb Beef Stew via here.


  1. Love the boots! And such a deal....can't beat Target.

  2. Those look like the lug boots I got in the mail yesterday from Target. Unfortunately for me, they were really large around the ankles and calves, so I have to take them back. They were really comfortable, though!

  3. ok, i'm just getting over pictures of your beaautiful wedding.

    i love the rain too, prob b/c we don't get that much of it. i bought the dolce vita lace-up looking half boots at target about a month ago and i don't think i've taken them off yet. i even wore them hiking to our picnic. plus they are vegan!


  4. I just posted about your lovely new store - so excited for you and happy about it!


  5. Love those boots!!!
    So very cute and the price tag is lovely too:)

  6. love the boots! but what i may love even more is how delicious that stew looks. so yum!

  7. I love the boots, but I am really loving your new banner! When did that happen? It's looks great!

  8. Love Pasadena! Glad you got to have some Melissa time. You've been one busy girl!:) So funny, I've been wanting to make a beef stew! I bookmarked this recipe, thanks. And your table setting is super cute.

  9. I just noticed your new banner too! Looks nice! And the boots are adorable..what are they called?