Friday, September 25, 2009

Our House!

I thought before posting anything about interiors, I'd share the exterior of our house. We moved in about a year ago to my grandparents 1920's beach house. It was built by Charlie Chaplin for his crazy mother. There were no other houses on the cliff, so he bought some land, built her a house, and stuck her out there all by herself! (Don't worry mom- I won't do that to you) I had the extreme opportunity to design the ENTIRE interior upon moving home from Northern CA. My grandparents live in a retirement community a few miles away and did not want to take on the task of re-doing the inside. I jumped (a complete understatement) at the chance to design it! And the perk was getting to move in when it was finished! I'll post more before and afters of the inside, as well as a few weekend projects we've been working on. Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I've died & gone to heaven! Love your home Melissa... You're soooooooooo talanted!!!
    XOXO, Alexandra

  2. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!! It's my favorite Encinitas house and you guys have done a GREAT job with it.

  3. again, that house is incredible, and you are the luckiest person EVER!

    i wish my grandma had an awesome house for me to live in. i'm not sure how i'm going to earn enough to buy one working at paper source...


  4. Love your home! I read through your entire blog today, and can't get enough of your interiors. I wish I was such an accomplished interior designer. Do you work for a firm, or own your own? Your grandparents must be so happy to know how well you're taking care of their beach home.