Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photobook DIY

Most of my blog followers (all 5 of you!!...hi mom, hi David! : ) already know the news, but just for the day when this blog has hundreds of followers (a girl can dream) I'll make the announcement. I'm engaged!! I will admit, I have been planning for this day for a while now (I've only had 9 1/2 years to think about it!) and I really wanted a fun way to ask my bridesfriends (I hate the word maid) to be a part of the big day! I went to Paper Crack, oh whoops, I mean Paper Source to brainstorm, spent way to much $ and ended up with some pretty cute photo books...if I do say so myself! : )
The books came as a little DIY pack. It includes 2 cardboard covers, and an accordion filler. You pick whatever paper you want to cover the front and back, choose a cute ribbon to tie it all together with, and top it off with any embellishments of your choice!

Close-up of the inside...I know you love that bathing suit pose!

For the last page, I figured it was a photo book so why not ask with a photo!
*Also inspired by some good friends of ours who sent us the cutest congratulations via facebook with the same idea!

They're finally done and ready to be sent off! I wish I could give them all in person but unfortunately half of them live in Northern CA, and will have to be sent. : (
I'm off to meet up with my sister who flew in from Boston excited!!


  1. Melissa I will be your friend! LOL Great idea... Too cute! Have fun with your sister!
    xoxo Alexandra

  2. um...COBGRATULATIONS! I'm not gonna lie, I heard the news through the Encinitas grapevine and I am SO SO SO SO excited for you two. Call me soon so I can take pictures of you and your radtastic man.

  3. Ok... SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Only you would do something so perfect!!!! Were they completely dazzled????
    Love you Both!

  4. Dont be mad... but you told me to read your blog.

    I LOVE IT!!! cant wait to see mine :)

    i miss you more than ever. I think i need to move down there and have you in my life more... LOVE YOU!