Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Dressed Up

On to project #2! This has been a little bit of a challenging project (Not to mention the purchasing of 9 curtain rods, and about 17 trips to 3 different stores.) But who doesn't love a little bit of a challenge?

I have a confession.....for the last 2 years I've had naked windows. I've really been trying to prioritize my projects. What needs to be done, and what is just something I want to be done - 2 very different things! Well the naked windows/curtain situation jumped to the top of the list when I peeled back the rug underneath our dining table and saw a yellow square (where the rug sits) staring back at me. Yes, it was time and no, I do not clean under my rug often.
{Please excuse the non-hemmed curtains on the left}

{David experiencing what it will be like to be married to an interior designer}
I'll post an overall picture as soon as I haul out all of the empty boxes, and mistake rod boxes!


  1. i'm gonna go ahead and apologize for not noticing your new window treatments. i just couldn't take my eyes off of your ocean view! hope to see you soon!

    ps. i do love the drapes:)

  2. My favorite picture is David hanging the drapes... So professional! Looking good Melissa!


  3. MISS. or should i say MRS. melissa! UMMMM I had no idea you had a BLOG and i love it! First off the drapes are fabulous! how is life, love, work...I havent talked to you or Sara in a while. Email me when you get some free time

    p.s. lovin those "save the dates"!!!!

  4. omg--is that your back "yard"????? AMAZING!!! if i had a view like that, i would go without drapes/curtains too! but as a side note, your curtains do looks great. :)

  5. OMG what a view. I would never cover it up

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