Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prime Time

I'm trying not to let as much time pass as last time, while I'm chugging away at my projects. Here's the update on the vanity. Sanding is done - woo hoo!! By the way, not my favorite thing to do! *Cue the violins here. My arms are SO sore!!!! But, it is complete none-the-less. Today was priming day.

{Primed drawers catching some sun}

I'm starting to think about how I'm going to accessorize my new vanity. How perfect is this mirror??? I think that white, green, and old pine are quite possibly my idea of the perfect color palette.

We have this faux bamboo mirror in the store right now, that I would probably paint a soft creamy, yellow if I brought it home. But, I think it might be just a little bit too small and wouldn't quite have the same effect as the mirror above.

I'm off to paint - pictures to follow!


  1. I can't wait to see your new vanity... If it's good
    1.) we might hire you to paint {not sand}
    2.) we might have to take it from you & sell it at the rooster... LOL!

    I heart the rooster's bamboo mirror... Hmmm where could I put it. I like the bamboo mirror picture you found... I want that one too!

    See you later!

  2. how stinkin funny! y'all can borrow the mirror or we can just trade off every few months;)