Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not Bad, Ikea, Not Bad

I tend to have a little bit of a love, hate relationship with the infamous IKEA. I tend to lean more towards the hate side of things when the little buffet I bought back in college wobbles like a fat man with little legs any time I need to move it. But, I love love love the prices! And every once in a while, they have really good finds! I made the trek to Ikea this last weekend for some curtains (post on that soon!) and came home with some pretty cute finds.

{cream, enamel pitcher $6.99}
{Hydrangeas from Farmer's Market}
{cute, label-less, water jug $2.00}
{Natural Doormat $7.99}

I'm actually threatening of heading back and getting a few more of the clear water jugs after receiving this book.
David and I decided to tackle registering, and we received this book from William Sonoma. I saw this picture of a Summer bbq. I love the idea of using the glass, water jugs scattered on the table for water.

I didn't come home with any of these and I'm kind of regretting it - they're only $0.49!

How cute would these be at that Summer bbq? Hmmmmm do I sense a future theme?

Dear Ikea,

I'm back on the side of loving you. I'm so glad that you are embracing your cottage side. Well done, Ikea, well done!

Love, Melissa


  1. I have so far been lucky with Ikea. My couches and countertops came from far so good. The closest one to me is almost 2 hours. But thanks to your post, we may be making the trek VERY soon. Love it all, but especiall, love the water bottles and the doormat.

  2. Just found your blog... it's lovely!

  3. Great finds! I always find something...usually so well priced that it is hard to IKEA. So glad we have some in our state now!

  4. Great finds at Ikea! I also bought the natural rug and I really love them. The white pitcher is cute and love the idea of the glass jugs for the table.

    Please stop by my blog. I am having my first giveaway! It is the Elle Decor, So Chic book.


  5. You only love Ikea again because you haven't had to build any of their ridiculous furniture recently :)