Friday, May 28, 2010


Sooooo definitely wasn't planning on leaving you hanging THAT long! I was in Chico this past weekend for my (future) brother-in-law's graduation. Since Chico is my alma mater and this was possibly my last excuse to go up there, I decided to live it up big. My body is certainly not 21 anymore and it couldn't handle it. I came home with a MAJOR cold and was out until Thursday!

Here it is: my biggest purchase on a single item to date. A hutch!

We have a guy that does amazing custom furniture at the store and I have been going back and forth on having him make a piece for me. I was more than willing to be patient and find a piece at a flea market or craigslist, but the problem was that the wall that it now sits against is HUGE! It needed a LARGE piece to fill it up. We also registered for a lot of large platters, and with fairly narrow cabinets in our kitchen, we needed a deep place to store them.

The nice part was, I got to design every last detail. I left plenty of room for a "buffet" space. You can see the corner of our dining table poking in the first picture. I wanted an area big enough to have wine, or a cake plate. Most hutch's have a tiny little buffet area - I wanted PLENTY of space!

All of our serving ware that we registered for is white, so I wanted the top to be glass so that you could see all of the stacked, white dishes.

I have our hutch pretty centered on the wall right now, but eventually I want to shimmy it down to the right. We have a large space to the left that I want to fill with a bench. I've had my eye on an amazing five-board bench with its' original chippy paint. I can't justify the $300 price tag, but the last time I visited it, it had dropped to $250, so you never know, it may drop more!

Plus, I need to find something to cover our eye-sore in the floor!

That grate would be our in-floor sub woofer (what? You don't have one??) And that wood grate was David's solution to "making it pretty."

Hope you all have a happy Memorial Day!!


  1. WOW....that hutch is gorgeous! Every once in awhile you just have to splurge:)
    I think it's definately the defining piece in that space....
    Can't wait to see it all finished!
    I have to say...I have never seen a sub woofer in a floor before...
    Don't know wha you are going to do about that..
    But I kind of think the wood grates look just fine!

  2. That is a great looking cabinet. The extra buffet space is sure to come in handy and keep you thrilled with it for years to come.

  3. LOOOVE it!!!! it's amazing and i can't wait to see it in person. see you tomorrow! xoxoxo

  4. It's beautiful! You bought and designed an heirloom piece. I have my fingers crossed that the price of the bench drops for you. It sounds lovely.

  5. What a beautiful piece.. you must be thrilled! xx

  6. hi sarah,

    what a gorgeous piece of furniture. it looks perfect. although i would love to see the WHOLE room! it's gonna look great filled with ironstone.

    are the wood floors original or did you have to replace them?


  7. Congrats... it's perfect and will serve you beautifully for years! I'll always remember our first really big purchase... I love it every bit as much as the day we got it :)
    Happy Memorial Day

  8. it's gorgeous - and you will have it forever!

  9. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Love that you designed the piece to make it fit your space and needs. Great job!! It was worth it!

  10. Lovely blog...i'm a new follower!
    Pamela from French Buttons

  11. Oh yes...a Chico weekend...and graduation time no less. Ouch

    Love your new piece, you are now officially grown up!

    xo kelley

  12. I was just wondering if you could give us some information about the flooring in your home. I absolutely love the lightness and beachy feel it creates. Thanks