Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pillow Talk

My sofa has desperately been needing some love in the pillow department. So bad in fact that I won't show the before's. I re-did my parents living room this past Spring, and anytime I was hosting something at our house, I would steal my mom's pillows. : ) So, last Monday it was off to the fabric store- and I completely scored!!

I found this red fabric for $3 a yard. And yes - I bought the entire bolt. Which means you will be seeing this in the form of a Christmas-y duvet very soon.

I thought I'd mix things up a bit and tie these stripy pillows with twill tape. I scored this fabric on the remnants table - 7 yards for $5...TOTAL

The plaid pillow received a red blanket stitch edge. I found a 2 yard bundle of this cozy plaid on the remnant table too, and the sweet woman at the fabric store threw it in for free!

There you have it! My new wintery pillows!


  1. I love your pillows!

  2. How adorable!! You are quite the seamstress with that red stitching! Where do you find the time? Also, if that is the white ektorp, i have the same one, and isn't it the best?!

    Hope the store is going well :)

  3. i love that red stitching, i wish i knew how to do it.

  4. Very pretty! The red stitching is my favorite.

  5. i remember that red fabric! it's beautiful and looks great with it's counterparts:) have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  6. I found your blog from a post you made at Urban Grace. I love how random blog reading can bring you to cool blogs. I think the pillows are fab. I'm so out of my element when it comes to interior design, but I can appreciate good work. You have great style! I'm now following :)

  7. Liz - Yep, my sofa is the Ektorp. It does the job!

    Alicia - I think I may do a blanket stitch tutorial next - it's definitely do-able!

    Londen - Thank you -it's favorite too (it reminds me of my great-grandmothers patchwork quilts!)

    Grace - I just couldn't pass it up! I'm addicted to his fabric selections now!

    Michele - Welcome! I'm so glad you found me!

  8. Pretty darn cute!

  9. Hi Melissa...I love your pillows! And you have lots of them which I love as well. I recently did a post where I was told (by another blogger) that too many pillows are a big no no. But I say YES to gobs of pillows, just chuck them on the floor when you need some room.

    Toile-ish print...check

    Pillow Perfection...check!

    xx kelley

  10. Your pillows look chic and cozy. Super great finds! I especially love the twill tape ties.

  11. what fabric store did you go to? i live in san diego and i never find deals like that!!

  12. Would also love to know which fabric store you shop at? I never seem to find such great fabrics!

  13. Stopping by to say hi and thanks so much for the inspiration on your pages and the encouragement you gave me. I'm so excited!