Sunday, November 7, 2010

This and That

I thought I'd share a few snippets from the week. I'm trying to get better about my posting, but the week just seems to slip away from me.
My week started off with a surprise package. Actually, I had ordered it back in July but had completely forgotten about it until this week. This sweetly wrapped packaged arrived from John Robshaw.

Inside was my new business card holder.

I feel so official!

David and I took full advantage of our beautiful weather we're having here in SD and spent almost the entire day outside. We kicked off our day with a bike ride and tacos at Bull Taco. If you're close by - this hidden gem is a must! It's tucked away in the Cardiff campgrounds, perched right on the cliff overlooking the water and has killer food! (The view's not bad either!)

We headed South towards Torrey Pine.....

...and headed off on a four-mile hike!

On a WHOLE different note, I have a new project brewing. Welcome to the Shed. This shed is attached to our garage and has been everything from a gardening shed to a workshop shed, to most recently a storage shed. I have had big plans for this little shed since the day we moved in. A craft shed.

I am so intrigued by the spaces creative people create for themselves. My mom has always had her "sewing room." I have so many fond memories of that room. Many Halloween costumes have been constructed, matching dresses for my sister and I sewn, and clothes have been patched in that room. I even vaguely remember receiving the birds and bees convo in that room. : )

I have been having an extreme craving for a creative outlet lately, and it seems like the perfect time to finally get this room on its' way. This room has never really been finished but I actually love the open framing and only plan on painting.

I'd love to eventually replace this little window with french doors.

For a look at another insanely creative space - take a look at Alexis's Art Barn.

I'm off to dream of paint colors!


  1. What a great day! I love that little space, it is perfect!! I can't wait to see what you are planning and how things turn out!! Have fun!!!

  2. What a wonderful space! I am dying to see how it develops. Keep us posted :)
    Amy Meier

  3. Can not wait to see how the shed turns out!!! What a great space...

  4. "I can see all sorts of wonoderful creations coming out of the shed - projects galore!" muses the fortune teller.

  5. Love your business card holder.

  6. Who wouldn't want a shed after seeing The Art Barn on Fern and feather. Do you own the shop Bixby & Ball? I've seen it on a few blogs and need to make the trip's not that far from me.

  7. I also love the idea of converting the space into a craft room. French doors would really improve the amount of light to the space, as well as frame your beautiful view!

  8. looove that this craft room is in the works!!! i can't wait to craft with you! xoxoxo