Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis' The Season

Once again I've been MIA. I was completely taken out by bronchitis last week and am just now catching up. I haven't completely finished our Christmas decorating, but have managed to get a little bit up.

I came home with two Euro Trees after a trip to Roger's Gardens on Monday. If you're ever in the Corona Del Mar area (especially during the Christmas season) you must stop by. It's an incredible nursery that turns into a Christmas spectacular every year around this time.

Cozy (faux I promise!) furry blanket. You can see a little snippet of our new console table. I've been meaning to post - I promise I'll do it soon!

The Christmas tree is up and decorated!

Mama Seagrass made our stockings a few years ago out of scraps of plaid flannel fabric.


  1. Hi Melissa,

    I LOVE Roger's Gardens, it is the best nursery ever! The first time I went there was right after Christmas, the second trip was in the spring and I think we were there 3 hrs.

    Hope you are over your bronchitis...I've only had it once but I don't remember ever being so sick in my entire life!


  2. The place looks beautiful!

  3. Ooh...everything looks so lovely!!!!

    Glad you're feeling better! It drives me crazy when i'm sick!!

  4. Your house looks so cozy and Christmas-y....I can just smell the cookies baking and the hot chocolate brewing.

    Have a very Merry Christmas with your new hubby!

  5. I am just around the corner from the famous Rogers Gardens...and I go there sometimes just to relax. I know weird, right?

    Thanks for the photos and Happy Holidays!

    xo Kelley

  6. I think I need to see that console in person...over a drink... {wink}.

  7. glad you are feeling better! collin is off for the next 2 weeks, so maybe we can get together for a shopping excursion or just grab lunch. merry christmas! xoxo