Friday, December 24, 2010

DIY: Last Minute Christmas Table Sprucing

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas! I squeezed in a last minute DIY project this afternoon. We're hosting Christmas dinner tomorrow night for 17! YIKES! I needed a little something festive to add to the table.

I decided to give a quick and easy sprucing to my favorite, go-to water jugs. They're only $2.99 at Ikea and fit with any decor.

I had some extra plaid flannel fabric laying around so I cut a strip about 5" wide.

I then took bottle #1 and started rolling it over the fabric to cover the circumference of the bottle.

Next, take twine, ribbon, twill tape or anything else you have lying around. I used baker's twine for mine and wrapped it a few times to hold the fabric in place.

To make them a little more festive, I added some greenery (I stole it from my wreath!) You could also add some holly berries or anything else festive! (**OK, truth be told..I just wrote twigs and berries....I don't think that would have gone over very well! : )

And the final product....

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas Eve!!


  1. Very cute! There will be 10 people in my little house! Hop on over to see my super simple table. Have a wonderful Christmas with all of your guests.

  2. This is so sweet simple and cute! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a very cute idea....and I love that it's out of the norm of Christmasy colors.

  4. What a super cute and super happy idea!!
    That could easily be translated to a spring idea too!!! Can you tell....i'm already ready for spring:)

  5. So very cute! I love this idea!
    Happy New Year Melissa!