Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like........


it's been way too long since my last post I know.... I was wanting my next post to be Christmas themed, since it is that time of year. For some reason - this year - I could not seem to get my act together! Normally I'm the girl who has the lights, the tree, the ornaments, and the decorations all up the day after Thanksgiving. I really don't know what happened this year! But, they're up and the house is finally Christmasy!

{Cute Monogram ornaments from Restoration Hardware}

{My mom made our stockings a few years ago - I love the buttons!}

When my grandparents moved out of their home that they had lived in for FIFTY + years, and in to a much smaller condo, they had to do QUITE a bit of cleaning out, and pairing down. As I mentioned before, I was given an abundance of "hand-me-downs." I have no idea the history of this box, but I think it's perfect for Christmas cards
{The inside has the most perfect red and white paper - and notice it's empty! We really need to check the mail!}


  1. I will send you a card so it can go in that super cute box :)

  2. melissa!! thanks for your sweet comment. it was great to see you too:) sorry i was in such a rush. i was running late for a bday brunch and needed a gift so i ran into dreamy haha. so glad you found my blog! yours is adorable, so consider me your newest stalker :)

  3. I found you via your name (and I'm procrastinating on doing work...truth be told!) blog! Merry Merry!