Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Friend Old Friend

Our house received a new friend today! The downside to working at a place with cute furniture, is that you want to take it ALL home. I have come up with a rule for myself however, that if something comes in and I ABSOLUTELY have to have it, I wait until the end of the day, and if nobody has claimed it, then I'll take it! Well, rustic rooster furniture goes FAST because this is actually my first furniture purchase (since becoming a rooster chick myself - we have a lot of r.r. furniture at our house!) So here she is - our new coffee table!

Here's our old coffee table. I found it for $10. It's the perfect shade of light blue, with splatters of art project remnants. I was originally going to paint it white, but there was something about the splatters of paint, and glitter that was so endearing. I think I'll actually, kind of miss it!

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