Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.....2010!!!

**before reading this post: I wrote this last week while on vacation, I left my USB chord at home and couldn't upload any pics so I'm JUST now posting!)

I can't believe 2009 is already coming to a close. I really do feel like I was just packing up my Christmas decorations from last Christmas. But, alas, it is here again. (And don't let me fool you - I'm really not currently packing, as I'm sitting in a cabin in the snow blogging and sipping tea, but will be packing as soon as I get home....just needed to clarify) I know this time of year is a time for resolutions - which in my world is a thing you come up with that you can almost guarantee will not be done. So this year, I'm making a to do list. No promises, just organizing the things I would like to get done in 2010. I feel like I actually have a good chance at getting some of these things done since besides getting married, my calendar is pretty free! :)

1. Take a Photography class - I currently "use" my grandpa's fancy, hand-me-down camera. "Use", is stated as such, since I really don't know how to USE it. I fiddle around, point, shoot, and hope.

2. Build a Farm Table - I've been stewing on how to go about doing this - and I think I've come up with an easy-ish design

3. Make a Trip to the Long Beach Flea Market - I have been talking about doing this for forever, but somehow the weekends come and go and I still haven't gone.

4. Visit My Sister in Boston - I haven't visited her in a few YEARS now. She's moving in March so that may be my excuse to go back and "help." I'd also love to sneak away and visit this fabulous store!
{sneak peak of said fabulous store}

5. Take a Pure Barre Fitness Class - You didn't think I would get away with doing my non-new year's resolutions without ONE fitness related to-do did you?

6. Cook More - I absolutely love cooking, but I must admit I find myself doing the quick and easy, pick-something-up-after-work move a lot more lately. I need to STOP!! And I love my kitchen (pictures to come soon) so I have NO excuse!

{sneak peak of kitchen}

I'm sure there are so many more things I should be including on this list, and there may be a Part II to this post - but for now, this list seems like something I can handle! :)


  1. loved this! a barre class? wow - I'm impressed!

    got your comment about Radin. I love his work. i love what he did with Meyers own house - can't wait to see her new one!

  2. that barre class looks awesome! let me know how it goes:)