Friday, April 2, 2010

Color, Thank Yous, and Easter

I want to start off by saying thank you for all of your comments! They are all definitely the little bit of cheer leading I need to keep going on this house! David is a great cheerleader too - but it definitely doesn't hurt to get some outside perspective! ; )

Second - Many of you asked if I would share the color of the blue stools. The paint is from Valspar (purchased at Lowe's) and the color is Shale. Just a small can did the job with PLENTY left over.

I also want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Janet over at the Gardner's Cottage. She recently did a post with a very sweet comment on my house - however - HER house is adorable and is CHALK FULL of history! If you have never checked out her blog (which I have a feeling half my readers are now from her blog! : ) you must! Besides the post on her amazing cottage, my favorite posts are her "Monday Menu's" ...and get this - it's all vegan! I promise you'll be salivating!

Below is her cottage - it was originally the Gardner's cottage (hence the name :) of a very large mansion in Redlands.

And finally - HAPPY EASTER! I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter no matter how you celebrate. We celebrate like every other holiday - Big. Family. Dinner.

{image Tricia Foley}

{Image (really has no relevance - just pretty) also Tricia Foley}

I realize this pic (above) really has no relevance other than I came home from work to find these beauties perched on my kitchen island. : )

Happy Easter Everybody!


  1. Melissa,

    A thousand thank you's. You are so sweet and kindhearted. Thank you again for all your help with my new love, my little black table. I love that this table will live with me forever and has such a sweet story now attached to it. I'm so sorry I didn't post more pics of our day but my camera is pretty crappy and the quality of the pictures was not very good. Please tell Sally that I thought she was drop dead gorgeous and would love to know where she got her cardigan from.
    I would have loved to post the delicious meal I ordered, vegetable enchiladas! My husband has heard enough about their salsa in the last few days to last him a lifetime! Also, missy, you MUST post more pictures of your gorgeous home. I can see by the above photo that you have beadboard ceilings! I'm dying.


    p.s. Check out the little post Jennifer did of our cottage over at the Newlywed Diaries. This must be my week!

  2. Happy Easter to you. What a nice surprise to be greeted by flowers after work.