Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Paint or Not to Paint

Thank you again for all of your kind words regarding the bed skirt!! It was a really fun project - and SUPER easy! Janet - to answer your question: Yes, I did sew them (w/ help from Mama Seagrass of course!) But, I was thinking, for those who don't sew - you could always get cafe curtains and use fabric tape or a quick whip stitch to shorten them.

Anyways, I have been on the hunt for a chair to use for the Master Bed vanity. In my dream world I would love the ever famous, bamboo chippendale chair

{via Jonathan Adler}

However, at $495 a piece, they're not really in my price range (to put it nicely.) I am a firm believer that you can find just about anything on Craigslist if you have a little bit of patience. While I didn't find a bamboo chippendale chair, I did find 2 bamboo chairs, and a table for $15!!!! The only catch is that it was all the way up in Orange. Think Fullerton, but East. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we live. **I think I need to insert here that I have THE most patient fiance! I'm a very lucky girl!** It ended up being a ton of fun. We poked around Old Town Orange, which is absolutely ADORABLE!! It surrounds Chapman University and is all tiny, little, clapboard and shingle sided cottages. This house below is by no means tiny, but it was by far my favorite! (BTW I took this picture while the woman who I'm pretty sure lived there was taking groceries out of her car - looking at me like I was completely crazy and not to mention creepy)

{Side Yard}

On to the chairs. I got them home and realized they were way too big for my vanity. So with a quick change of plans they have now found a new home at our computer desk! Can you tell who's side
is who's? : )


{I found a pretty blue ikat to recover the cushions with}

{The lovely original fabric}

On to my original question. I'm 99% sure of my own answer to this but I would love to see what you guys think. Paint the chairs or leave 'em be?


  1. paint! maybe chrome yellow or kelly green?

  2. Those chairs are wonderful... what a buy!
    They look perfect at your desk space.
    I love the ikat fabric you chose too!
    As for painting them... my thought was, paint them! I think they would be crisp and fresh painted white. What do you think?
    Congrats on a great socre! Patience always pays off:)

  3. They are beautiful chairs. I would paint them. I would paint almost anything though. What can I say, I like paint! I really like the scale of your fabric with the chairs also. Have fun!

  4. Paint! They're so pretty. And I love your desk area. In fact, that's going into my inspiration folder, I just love everything about it!

  5. Good job-craigslist is awesome! What a great steal for those chairs! I say leave them natural for a while, although painting is SO much fun and hard to pass up. Maybe down the road change the color.

  6. Hmmmmm they are pretty classic in it's original wood. Bring one in to the office. I would LOVE to sit in it & see... Great score! Good job Melissa, Good Job!


  7. i've got that same fabric all around the house and looove it!... and i bet we got it at the same place. hehe. so here is my take... i personally love the contrast between the bamboo, and all the white around the room. leaving it as is, keeps it classic and timeless. the ikat gives it the extra punch it needs. having them both painted, along with the ikat fabric, would make them more trendy, but also very fun! if you were to paint them, i would say white, to go with the ikat. i can't wait to see what you do with them. you have amazing taste, so whatever you do will surely blow me away! xoxo

  8. I'm with Holly - paint them! M/B that greenish color from your kitchen rug? Love that house you found in Orange! So sweet, I especially love the bunting on the handrail. Thanks for sharing your projects Melissa!!

  9. Hi Melissa,

    Okay, first that house is to die for. That is my dream color combo on old houses. I think that's one of the many reasons I love your house so much. I want to paint my red cottage white SO badly.

    Next, I saw that fabric in The Rustic Rooster back room and picked it up so I know where you got it! I really love the chairs as they are. I like the contrast. That's just my opinion.


  10. No very original, I know but I agree wholeheartedly with Name is Grace above. Sometimes it's nice to have a contrast! Am loving the pictures of that house, wish I could live in something like that!! Thanks for sharing.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  11. I say leave them as is. They are great!

  12. Hold off on painting the chairs. While I love the look of painted bamboo chairs, the color of these chairs looks great with the ikat. Atleast live with the ikat covers and wood for a while before painting the chairs. Its totally up to you, but it might be worth just thinking about for a while.