Thursday, May 13, 2010


We are a house full of book nerds. We love to read. I grew with a librarian for a mother (she later was a teacher) and David was the kid who never did his homework, not because he was playing video games but because he was reading. Yes we are a little nerdy! : ) So when I was designing our house I knew we had to have bookshelves wherever possible. This wall-o-books....

....sits directly across from this

When we moved in, we were so sick of living in dust, and so ready to just get our stuff in that I never really took the time to arrange the shelves the way I really wanted them. Our books, and eventually other "stuff" accumulated on our shelves. I've been meaning to re-do them for quite a while now. I was reading the latest Pottery Barn catalog and was admiring the handy work of their very talented set stylist and was instantly inspired.

Janet has also inspired me to get creative and not run out to buy things I really don't need. I still went shopping, but did it in my own house. I collected little "fillers" for the shelves to keep things interesting. I was actually pretty shocked with all of the stuff I found in my house!

{You can see our stairway to the right}

What? You don't keep your iPhone SDK programming book on top of your Apartment Therapy book?
I still need to find a picture for this frame. The brown binders are a must for me! They are recycled paper binders (sold at OfficeDepot) that hold all of my inspirations from magazines. It makes it WAY easier to find things!

{Please excuse our circa 1980's track lighting - we had issues installing lights due to the awkward pitch in our ceiling, and we had minimal room for a j-box}

Here's the "before's." It may not look all that different (or maybe it does.) But, I can promise you our shelves were a little scary!


Here's a few inspiration pics

{I would have LOVED to have the space for a library ladder}

{Love this wall to wall bookcase}

{A little more natural}

I've been seeing this more and more. I understand that an all white palette lends a much more consistent look but really - how practical is this?? You'd have to REALLY know your books! : )

{How's this for some wallpaper!}

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. that looks great! that corner of your home is one of my faves:) although i love every inch of your home. xo

  2. hi melissa,

    very nice! love that you are shopping your own house, what could be greener?

    also, love the images you've collected. i agree with you on the practicality of books turned around. who could live like that comfortably?


    ps ~ please post more photos of your home, you are killing me.

  3. I am loving the peeks of your house and am with Janet... please post more!!!!!!!!
    E+J couldn't stop raving about it.
    It looks magazine worthy!
    Your trip to Santa Barbara looked so wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed those posts :)
    Have a great week.

  4. Bookshelves would be divine. I miss the ones that were in my parents home. It was an entire wall.

  5. The bookshelves are so fabulous!! You did a great job styling them. Great tip from Janet...I love to shop my basement shelves.

  6. Love what you did with the is so hard to keep shelves looking neat and cool/intresting at the same time. You definately accomplished it!!

  7. Looks great! I've already told you..but I want your home. Wanna trade? :)

  8. I adore your desk chair!!! I'm on the big hunt, but now I think I won't be satisfied until I find one like that!!!!! Your home is a breath of fresh air!! vov(hugs&stitches)