Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girl Crush

I'm taking a break from house projects for the week. And while doing so I thought I'd make an admission - I have a girl crush. On Ina Garten. And I can't decide if it's because I'm on a super wedding diet right now and I'm hungry. Or if it's because every time I'm at the gym trying to help said diet, I always gravitate to the bike in front of the TV with the food channel on (can someone explain that one to me? That's just plain mean!) Or if it's because she has an insanely beautiful house. OR if it's all of the above!

On an episode of "the best thing I ever ate" last night, on the food channel, Ina was talking about a little specialty food store she used to work at in South Hampton. How fun does that sound? A little specialty food store in South Hampton?

Wouldn't you just love to be sitting at that counter while she cooks? Not to compare Ina to any other chefs on FoodNetwork - but I just love how calm and relaxed she is while she cooks. And with Ina you get double eye candy - drool worthy dishes and an amazing kitchen!

{So simple and classic.}

Here's the kitchen that Ina teamed up with House Beautiful to design for the 2009 Kitchen of the Year.

{This photo makes me want to go register for cake plates!}

I'm off to go dream of this

and this

**All photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens**


  1. Melissa,

    I've been IN LOVE with Ina for years now. I have a shrine in my kitchen {her cookbook propped up} with candles all around it... {JK} I do love her too. You are too funny on the gym & cooking shows. I always feel like everyone is staring at me because I'm doing the same thing... Watching cooking channels as I’m working out. Bad Alex, Bad! We both have issues!!!!!! Hello, I brought in Strawberry cake today {wasn't it good though!} to work... You look great by the way!!!!


  2. Hi Melissa,

    Join the club. That little food store is called The Barefoot Contessa. And they shot the shopping scene in Somethings Gotta Give in the actual store. Did you know she gave Martha Stewart her start in catering?

    While I was catering I always used her recipes because she was first and foremost a caterer. Catering menus can be tricky, so much more is involved than in just whether the food tastes good or not. She is the best.

    Love her homes too. Beautiful.


  3. she is my favorite cookbook author, and I TiVo all of shows - old and new. You know her store in the Hamptons was called, Barefoot Contessa, right? Sometimes you can find her cookbooks at Home Goods - a must read for every new bride. They are all so good, but her first three, okay four - are my favorite.
    LOVE her kitchen - another reason I watch her show. Oh yes, I know all about this crush, but trust me - this one's long term, full time commitment worthy. xoAlicia

  4. Great post -- but please, Kitchen of the Year is HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, not BH&G!

  5. Okay, just sitting in the room with the fireplace a pot of tea and a good book would make my day.

  6. I know I know! Love her house, gardens, kitchen. books. She loves her quirky Jeffery too! Very cute.


  7. Alex - Thank you! And your fabulously, delicious assortment of cakes has NOT been helping! : ) But I do love them!

    Janet - I think you need to open a specialty vegan shop! (I've been dreaming of those polenta cakes all week!) I would come be your #1 employee!

    Alicia - I'm ready for the commitment! I'm getting a poster
    next week! ; )

    Spectacularly - Thank you for the correction! I blame hunger!!

    BHL - Add in some of that chocolate cake and I'm with you!

    Kelley - hahaha I would love to witness that relationship!

  8. I'm a big fan of Ina. I have all her cookbooks and have NEVER been disappointed in any of the recipes. She keeps it simple and elegant. One of the reasons I love her cooking show is that she usually is also setting/having one of her friends set a beautiful table. It's like you're a fly on the wall of a dinner party.

    If you don't already have them, register for her cookbooks!


  9. so funny, Julie. I feel like I'm actually a guest, too. I'll laugh at her little jokes, nod my head in agreement - my kids laugh at me!

  10. love this post melissa!!! while in va, my sister and i did nothing but cook recipes from her cookbook. it's true, she's the best!