Friday, May 7, 2010

Road Trip

Yesterday David and I celebrated our 10 year (dating) anniversary. If you're trying to do the math, we're high school sweethearts! : ) Earlier in the year we were talking about grand plans of doing a few days in Napa, driving in our rented limo from vineyard to vineyard. Come end of April, we realized that in fact our budget is more in the realm of a one night getaway somewhere a little closer by. SO, we're heading to Santa Barbara! I'm so excited!! David is leaving the hotel we're staying at a surprise. I wonder if we'll stay here:

{San Ysidro Ranch}

This is the San Ysidro Ranch, an old Inn located in San Ysidro just outside of Santa Barbara. It has a star-studded guest log - including John & Jack Kennedy, who stayed there for part of their honeymoon.

**Please know, that I would be completely thrilled staying in a Motel 6 - I just love quaint architecture and a girl can dream - maybe our 20 year anniversary! : )

I'm not going to lie to you - I just spent the last 20 minutes researching where the bakery from "It's Complicated" (filmed in Santa Barbara) is located, only to find out it's just another fictional character. Damn.

On store I know definitely does exist and that we definitely will be visiting is, Rooms and Gardens. This store has me at the entrance!

{a peek inside}

*Rooms & Gardens images via Stylebeat*

Get ready Oprah! We're coming to visit!


  1. i just love santa barbara! have so much fun and happy 10 yr anniversary! hurry back so we can get together. we need another girls night with alex:) xo

  2. hi melissa,

    have a great time and report back where you stayed.

    we met when we were 17. no one said it would last. ha, we just celebrated out 30th anniversay and believe it or not we still like each other!

    on second thought i better stay away...that store has me at the entrance too. it would look really good with a sign that read "seagrass interiors" too. maybe one day, huh?


  3. Melissa - my absolute favorite place in the world is the San Ysidro Inn, in SB. Every time we stay there I take a bazillion pictures. Have you stayed here before? If not (and you're not staying there) you should defintely pop in & sit in the library. I'm trying to replicate their gardens (in a very small way) and their decor for my home. My most favorite place - thanks for sharing. Happy "dating" anniversary. xoAlicia

  4. What a lovely place!!!!!
    Have a fabulous time:)