Monday, November 2, 2009

House Stalking

OK....I let it slip in my last post that I house stalk. I was only a little bit kidding when I said I would be across the street stalking that house. I am MAJORLY airing some dirty laundry when I admit that I do this on a regular basis. It's so bad, and creepy I know. One of my favorite places to house "observe" is in old Del Mar. They have the most perfect, untouched, old, original architecture!

These are (almost) my favorite. These little blue cottages (there about 6 of them I think) are all perched on the cliff, looking directly over the ocean. They are teeny, tiny which makes them all the more charming! They all have cute little porches in front, and some of them even have little fire pits!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite! This house is straight out of Coastal Living! How perfect is it with the American flag out front. They even had a shiny red beach cruiser parked in front but I must have cut it off.

My partner in crime! Check out that cheesecake pose! : )

So if you live in a cute house in the San Diego area, or Southern CA for that matter, and you see a short brunette looking in your window...don't worry, it's just me!


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  2. THAT WAS YOU... I KNEW IT! HA HA HA I will be your house stalker in crime FOREVER! Love it!
    xoxo, Alexandra

  3. well, i think we're supposed to be friends, because i had a dream about those little blue cottages last night and then today i drug my husband to see them!

    i also house stalk.

    and am lazy about capital letters. i hope that's not a dealbreaker.