Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Almost Here....

Christmas! .......did you think I was going to say Thanksgiving??!!

It's official - my Christmas list has been sent off to Santa!

{White wing back chairs for the heads of the dining table}

{Black, framed sea-fans}

{Bamboo blinds for my very naked windows}

This is of course my very selfish, and very unrealistic Christmas list! I really do enjoy the giving part more that the getting part. Is there anything better than finding the perfect gift for someone??

Hope you all have a very {Happy Thanksgiving}

1 comment:

  1. NOTHING is unrealistic... Just say 5 times... I believe - rub your belly 2 times - turn around 10 times - click your heals 2 times - bake your boss 1 pumpking bread with apple butter & kiss the person standing next to you {don't do this at the office, people will get the wrong idea} ALL your dreams & Christmas wishes will come true. I've been doing this for years! {hmmm still havent gotten my watch yet} Good luck! Love your Christmas wish!!!!!!
    xoxo... Your true 1 & only blogging follower,