Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Thanks

I know Thanksgiving is over but I thought this idea was too cute to pass up! I love the idea of displaying old family photos for Thanksgiving dinner. Our Thanksgiving always ends up being a trip down the family tree. This year we ended up having a family history trivia game!

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  1. love love love love love.... okay so I don't think we have met (I'f we have I am so sorry... I blame everything on my surgery Sunday :). Any way 2 things... #1 - i am in love with your thanksgiving table, it is so beautiful and right up my alley. #2 - the work bench was left in our garage when we bought our house... we totally lucked out! I think that you are local? right... Please email me if you ever want to come by and see the Art Barn as you work on your shed. It is the best gift that I have ever been given.
    nice to meet you {wink}. Alexis