Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Obsession

As if I didn't already spend enough time "blog-stalking" I've found another blog that I
L-O-V-E!!! Trina is living my "other life," know, the one where I live on an insanely adorable farmhouse with my husband who does house projects with me. I'm predicting that I'll be up all night reading her entire blog (I have definitely been know to do that!) Trina - if for some reason you're one of my 5 readers (again - hi mom, David, Alex, and Debbie!) you're a huge blog-inspiration!

This is Trina's magazine-worthy farmhouse:

One of the best part about her blog pics, is that there always seems to be fresh flowers. And I'm sure they were grown on the farm!
Go check out her blog A Country Farmhouse

**Reader Warning - you will be sucked in, and you will want to move to a farmhouse in the country!

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  1. Hi!!!! You are so kind! I love that you stopped by! I had to laugh when I read about having a husband "that does house projects with me!" Hubby will get a kick out of that as HE'S COMPLETELY BURNT OUT on house stuff!!! Unfortunately, my house project list is never-ending, poor Hubby. : + I started my blog to just document the 'before' and 'afters' of the remodel but found the blogging community to be so wonderful and inspiring, now it's a big part of my life!! I love meeting wonderful people like yourself ; ) Look forward to chatting again...xoTrina