Monday, November 9, 2009

Kitchens and Pumpkins

My "sneak peak" is still in progress...I promise I will post on that soon! In the mean time, I thought I'd post a little eye candy. It's fitting, in that our kitchen received quite a bit of use this weekend. And ALL involving pumpkins......ok and maybe a little bit of wine!

First let me clarify that this is not our kitchen. However, our kitchen does look very similar. I will post pictures of our kitchen when it has pretty mint green dishes, and well loved cook books stacked in the shelves. Until then feast your eyes on this one! (ha bad joke!)

Our friend Christa brought over all the makings for pumpkin pancakes on Saturday morning! They were fabulous and I could have eaten that whole plate - too bad I had to share....

Sunday night was our weekly "family" dinner. (Everybody comes over to our house and makes a gigantic dinner.) Last week was stew, this week was polla assada! My incredibly talented friend Sara came over to teach me how to make pie this Sunday! I am in charge of pie this Thanksgiving and have never made one. I've heard horror stories about the dough having to be the "right" temperature and "mixing until it feels right." Ummm....I have no idea what the answer is to either of those instructions! In comes Sara!! She is one of the most talented bakers I know (if anyone in the SD area needs cupcakes for an event, email me and I'll forward on her info!) Anyways, our pies turned out amazing! She even fashioned our pie some dough leaves! Here's our result:

The boys loved it, and we decided that this will have to become our new tradition. Or at least for the month of November. Next Sunday is Blueberry pie, and the boys are cooking dinner!

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  1. The pie is gorgeous! I've tried to do cut outs for my pies but they always loose their shape while baking. I'll have to try it again as it adds so much yummy eye-candy to the pie. xoTrina