Monday, January 4, 2010

Mountains, Master Bedrooms, and Vanities OH MY!

We had such a fun week in the mountains this last week....I think we both needed a week away to recoop and relax. I read a TON of blogs - some new (beginning to end might I add) and some old. I came home SO inspired and ready to re-vamp our entire house! HA! I don't think I'll ever be done "re-vamping" our house. For a while now I've been wanting to work on our bedroom - I know a lot of people tend to wait to finish their master bedrooms until every other room in the house is complete. Call me selfish, but I spend a lot of time in there!!! Besides that - living room and dining room furniture tends to be pricey, our guest bedroom I'm completely stumped on and don't know what to do with it, and Trevor's room is, well Trevor's room (Trevor is our roommate - not sure if I've mentioned that yet - we're like Three's Company over here!.) So that leaves the master bedroom (which is not really a master bedroom, but you'll see why later...) I came home very ready to tackle project # 1 in the Master Bed Re-Do. A while back I bought a vanity on CL and re-painted it - it was a cute vanity but too dainty in our room. And if you know either of us....we're not dainty people. : ) In between reading blogs last week, I hunted through CL (craigslist) for furniture. I found a woman in the Del Mar area who was selling a white desk - so I called and told her to please please please not sell it until Saturday when I would be returning. Picking this desk up could be a post in itself - let's just say at one point she told us if we didn't have a car big enough, we could just take her car...if we promised to bring it back of course. And before we left, we had an invitation to stay in her beach cottage if we ever wanted to since she's out of town quite often - oh my! The desk did need a lot of work (I spent the afternoon cleaning, scrubbing, de-drawer-lining, and fixing hardware)

{Here she is after a good cleaning - I do think a new coat of paint is in her future though}
{The scary, original state - sorry for the awful Craigslist picture}
{Here's the old, too dainty vanity - cute, but just didn't work in our space}

I realized I never posted pictures from our trip

{Here's the cabin in all its' 60's glory!}
{Is that not one of the best snowmen?? I can say that because I had no part in making it!}
{Our visitor in the mornings}

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