Wednesday, January 20, 2010


.....(Ball) Jars that is! I found an absolute score on Craigslist. Remember my recent mountain vacation? Well, the combination of me catching a cold and us getting snowed in, resulted in me spending a ridiculous amount of time blogging and Craisglist-ing (the best place to buy furniture no?) Well, my persistent searching led me to these beauties.
A woman had them posted for dirt cheap. She had a collection of 600, and was looking to get rid of them - fast!

Our wedding is going to have a vintage, garden theme, and we wanted to have vintage, Ball jars for flowers and votives. We bought 75 jars on our first visit to the Craislist woman's house. However, upon returning home and doing some math, as far as how many jars we would have per table as well as prices on vintage Ball jars, we decided to go back and purchase 75 more!

{So, what am I doing with 150 vintage Ball jars in the mean time you ask?}

....we have lot's and lot's of flowers in jars, my pens and pencils now live in jars, my make-up brushes now live in get the idea.

I would have posted the whole, 150 sea of them - it is quite a sight - but they are on rotation through the dishwasher.

{PS - pictures on Flea Market finds coming soon!}


  1. Ooooh Love the colors! What do you think someone was doing with 600? That's A LOT of jam and jelly!

    Love your idea!

  2. I love your jars. What a great idea for a wedding. I found your blog through a comment you left over at TLC. I'm still new to the blog world, but I'll be back to see more of yours.

  3. What are you going to do with them after the wedding? Cocktail hour at your house!!!!!

  4. oh I am crazy about ball jars too! I used them as a centerpiece for my outdoor wedding reception that we had under a huge tint. our florist put little twigs that had fake fireflies (mini light bulbs) on them that blinked. it was perfect! they are so fun to decorate with!