Sunday, January 10, 2010

Master Bed Re-Do Part2

I'm on a roll with our master bedroom re-do. For the last few months I've been searching for fabric for a new duvet cover. Unfortunately, the fabric I really had my eye on was WAY to pricey for my small to non-existing budget.

{I would have done any of these from Thomas Paul - in a heartbeat!}
{Same Thomas Paul print in a Marigold}
{Another Thomas Paul - in more of the green I was going for}

Santa knew about this project that I had been working on and brought me Pottery Barn's pick-stitch quilt and Euro shams in cream on Christmas morning!
Here's our old duvet cover - I really like it but I've had for a few years now. It was my one and only purchase from Pottery Barn with my employee discount when I worked there one summer during college.
That's all for Part 2 of the Master Bedroom Re-Do. Stay tuned for more - I'm thinking my next project is going to be slipcovering our headboard in a white linen!

I know this is completely NOT relevant to this post but I just had to share these pics. We had the most incredible sunset last night! I was walking down my stairs and looked out the window to this incredible sight!

Not only was the sunset gorgeous but the lighting was fantastic. I think this is one of the first outside shots of our house I've posted!
{That's our little outdoor shower - I'm sure it looks a bit odd not knowing what it is!}


  1. um, when can i come over and watch the sunset? lol! your house is AMAZING!!! love love the bedding too. i also worked at pottery barn. i've got that same quilt but in coral. loves it. xo

  2. You are killing me with that view! And that stony shower! What I wouldn't give for some warm beach weather.

    I just saw us on your resolutions. You're so funny! Please, please, please get in touch with us. We'll take you wine tasting, and then we can eat at Erik's!

    Don't make us come over there to the beach -- you'll be sorry!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and now I want to read the whole thing. Great. I'm never going to get any sleep! LOVE the new duvet cover and shams. Beautiful!

  4. Melissa... Your homes windows are so Perfect.. I heart them! Great shot of the sunset. Grace & I are coming over & having wine on your deck!!!!! How fun would that be! Nice re-do of your master bed... Love it!

  5. I am thrilled to have found another decorating soul who is attempting a Master Bedroom redo. Ours is in DESPERATE need...but I am stalled on a simple "basic" bedding to compliment my love for the fabric I have found. I can't wait to see what you do with your room.


  6. Hey bixby... do you think mama kibbee would be willing to make one for me??? i would love her forever (not that i dont already)


    miss you

  7. Great fabric you choose! And don't you just LOVE PBs pickstitch quilts? I have one on our bed and one on our guest bed. I'm sort of addicted. That UNBELIEVABLE! love.