Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I feel like just yesterday David was standing in the park over looking the beach (sweating) and proposing! I cannot believe that it's already January and my ring is actually beginning to feel like it belongs on my finger. I have another announcement - not a big one to you maybe - but a momentous one to me. Besides addresses (which I realize is a very large task but I'm trying not to think about that) my Save-the-Date cards are complete!! If you are beginning to get the hang of me - I have a huge disease that my mom and I like to call the "I-can-make-that-disease." It is very serious and time consuming, but very rewarding at the same time. I pretty much knew I wouldn't be able to justify the cost of invitations from the very beginning - so I started designing (using Illustrator) and enlisted some much appreciated grunt work from my mom! So - after a lot of time and sweat (proud to say there was no blood or tears) here they are!

{this was too cute not to add in - I had to order my paper because I was doing it all in bulk - and this sweet note from a Paper Source employee was tucked into my order. Cody, if you're out there, thank you for your sweet note. It was just the push I needed to get through all 150 envelopes!}


  1. You did an amazing and professional job on the cards. Congratulations! All the best, Lori

  2. congrats on your upcoming wedding!!! that is soooo exciting! you will make a beautiful bride