Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Can you tell I'm procrastinating on posting my flea market finds?? I think photos look so much better with morning light or daylight for that matter. A typical morning for me consists of me reluctantly rolling out of bed (I'm a night owl - not a morning bird!) scrambling to get in the shower, scrambling to get ready, (I unfortunately do not usually eat breakfast, so there's no actual scrambling happening) and scrambling out of the door. By the time I get home from work it is more often than not, dark. I've begun to notice that when I take pictures at night, all of my pictures come out with a yellow hue that nighttime light gives. Long story short - I'm hoping to wake up early enough to take photos of my finds in the morning, and promise to post soon - I promise!

In the meantime I'm in serious need of some inspiration for my master bedroom re-do

{I know this is more in the guest room department - but I'm loving the idea of an old pine dresser for a nightstand}


  1. I will be patiently waiting for post of the flea market finds. You remind me of Megan from White Flower - she is also a night owl and is always scrambling to take the website photos in the right lighting. I say it is also the fault of being a perfectionist. Meanwhile, I enjoyed your inspirational bedroom photos very much. All the best, Lori

  2. I LOVE the one with the wood beams on the ceiling - that bed looks so clean and not over stacked with pillows, as I tend to do! now where can I find a bed like that that's unique - not pottery barn - but not the cost of Baker furniture...

  3. Lori - You've got me on the perfectionist thing! It took me almost a year to start a blog - because I couldn't come up with the PERFECT name! I finally had to force myself to just jump in with what I had!

  4. Good Lord. It's like we're design soul-mates. I want the bedspread with the red fleur-de-lis like design on it. Seriously...

  5. Just found your cute blog!
    Love the white beach style room with the wood ceiling...we just completed a remodel and did the wood ceilings and walls. I'll feature the rooms soon, when all the "dust clears"!